Model 400 - Ideal for sail and power boats. Rotating Davits incorporate a fixed upper block welded as a structural component of the upper arm to multiply davit strength and prevent twisted lines. St. Croix Model 400 Rotating Davits will lift and carry 350 lbs.(158 kg.) per pair of boat and motor with a 9:1 lifting ratio. When not in use, the davits rotate or fold together to clear the stern of your boat. Rotating Davits are constructed of 1" (25mm) tubular stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish.

Model 488 - Designed for heavier lifting, these davits are rated for 488lbs. (222 kg) per pair. 1.25" (32mm) diameter heavy wall tubing combined with a 9:1 lifting ratio make these davits the strongest St Croix Rotating Davit system available, yet maintain the streamlined style and ease of use of the original St. Croix Davits. System includes 50ft. of 3/8" lifting line.

Specifications for Rotating Davits
Arm Reach x Height Ball & Socket
Lower Mount
Per Pair
Davit Tube
Lifting Line
9:1 40" Reach x 60" High
(101.6 cm. x 152.4 cm.)
3" x 3"
(7.6 x 7.6 cm.)
350 lbs.
(158 kg.)
(25 mm.)
488 9:1 41" Reach x 60" High
(104.4 cm. x 152.4 cm.)
3" x 3"
(7.6 x 7.6 cm.)
488 lbs.
(222 kg.)
1 1/4"
(32 mm.)
Optional Mounting Hardware for Rotating Davits
The design of some boats may require the use of additional mounting hardware.
Mounting hardware is fabricated from stainless steel.
Item Name Item Description
401 Platform Mount Tubular stainless steel mount that allows mounting of the Rotating Davits on an extended swim platform.
402SS Backing Plates
for 401 Mount
Extra support required for some swim platforms. For use with Part 401 Platform Mount only.
412 1 1/4" (32mm)
Rail Adapter
Upper mount for 1 1/4" (32mm) rails.
414 Transom Mount A 90 degree stainless steel bracket that allows mounting of the ball and socket mount on the transom. Call factory for custom angles.
415 Transom Handles A tubular handle that allows mounting of Rotating Davits to a vertical transom surface.
Part 416
Corner Seat Mount
Part 415
Transom Handles
Part 401
Platform Mount

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