Lifting accessories help design a complete system for lifting your tender with davits. The very best installations use the proper accessories and mounting hardware.

Lifting Accessories for Both Removable and Rotating Davits
Name Description
219 Eye Bolt Kit 2 eyebolts that are mounted in the transom of the inflatable. Used as a place to attach the stern lifting sling.
220 Lifting Yoke Stainless steel tubular lifting bracket eliminates the use of stern lifting slings. Bolts to the inside transom of the dinghy.
221 Front Lifting Points 2 thru-hull eye bolts used for bow lifting points in RIBs only.
222 (Hypalon)
D Ring Kit 2 "D" ring patches that are glued to the inside of the inflatable. Used to attach the bow lifting sling. Glue not included.
Lifting Lines
A pair of 5/16" double braid lines: 50' (Part 231) 75' (Part 232) 100' (Part 233). Length needed depends on your boat.
234-238 Lifting Sling Stainless steel cable slings in various lengths used to lift the bow and stern of the tender. Available in lengths 13", 15", 17",19" and 21". Use with Model 350 and 400 davits only.
239 Pigtail Stainless steel 6" cable that connects to single pad eye on face of RIB storage locker.
240 Hand Winch Winch has a 6:1 ratio and a removable handle that floats. Can be added to davit arms to increase the lifting ratio.
242 Ratchet
Tie Down Restraints
Black 1" (25mm) wide nylon web with stainless steel ratchets and hooks. Used to secure the load in the davits. Straps are each 5' (1.53m) long. Highly recommended for use with all davit systems.
248-249 Strongback Stainless steel tubular lifting bar eliminates the use of bow lifting slings. Provides lower lifting point and reduces tension on glue on D Rings. Available in 20" and 24" lengths.
242 Ratchet
Tie Down
220 Lifting Yolk
Lifting Sling
240 Hand Winch

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